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Islam FAQ

Islam FAQ

Who is Allah? Allah means God. It is a personal name, which Allah calls Himself in the Koran. That is where we get it. It can also be found in an Aramaic copy of the Bible, and even Christian Arabs say Allah. Who is Jesus to us? Jesus peace be upon Him is a true prophet. Sent by Allah like..

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The question whether there is a life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science as science is concerned only with classification..

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Allah is the proper name applied to the true God Who exists necessarily by Himself comprising all the excellent Divine names and attributes of perfection. Allah is One and Unique. He has no son, partner, or equal. He is the sole Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Every creature bears witness..

About Islam

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The term, “Islam,” meaning “submission,” points to the fundamental religious creed, which dictates that a Muslim submit to the will of Allah by conforming inwardly and outwardly to His law. Islam is the last of all the Divine revealed religions. The name, Islam, for this universal and..

Holey Qur’an

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The Qur’an, the Torah, the Gospel are Scriptures of Allah that He sent down to His Messengers, peace be upon them. The “Qur’an” is Allah’s speech, not a created thing that may perish nor is it an attribute of any created thing. Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) brought down the Qur’an to..

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Muslims and Christians Dialog

THE FIRST CONTACT BETWEEN A CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM C. Why have there been in the last decade many discussions held between Christians and Muslims about their beliefs? M. I think because we both have several things in common. We believe in the One Creator Who had..

Muslims and Christians Dialog

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Islam is the eternal divine message of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) to all men delivered by Allah's Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). A group of mankind believed in the Message of Islam and followed it, while others disbelieved in it. The Message of Islam declared at the..


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Chapter Four: Misconceptions about Women in Islam

There are some misconceptions that have been spread about women and their rights in Islam. These misconceptions were not meant for individual women themselves, but rather an attack on Islam in particular. People who raise such misconceptions aim mainly to distort the beautiful picture of women in..

Chapter Three: Woman's Rights in Islam

Let us here address the status of women in Islam after the quick summary of the status of women in the pre-Islamic societies. We need here to compare the rights to which Islam has entitled women and the rights that other societies granted. Islam deals with women in a very..

Chapter Three: Woman's Rights in Islam

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Chapter Two: Status of Women throughout Ages

Women in the Pre-Islamic Society Prior to the commission of Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a Prophet and Messenger, women suffered great injustice, unfair treatment and were exposed to humiliation of all kinds. Women were not entitled to inherit..

Chapter one: Slogans

Chapter one: Slogans It has been recorded in recent history that many calls have been made for women's rights. Calls for women's freedom, liberation and equal rights with men have been heard all over the world. Such calls are acceptable in societies and countries where women..

Chapter one: Slogans

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All praise is due to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala). May Allah's peace and blessings be upon His final Prophet and Messenger to mankind, Mohammad bin Abdillah. May Allah's blessings be upon all the rightly guided companions, and household of Allah's Prophet (peace and blessings of..


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Introducing by Dr. Ahmad Ibn Saifuddin Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America All praise is due to Allah. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad, his companions, his family and his followers until the day resurrection. I..


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Holey Mosques

There are three major holey mosques on islamic world . The pics of mosques are above

Holey Mosques

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Women In Islam

According to the Qur'an, men and women are equal before God; women are not blamed for violating the "forbidden tree," nor is their suffering in pregnancy and childbirth a punishment for that act. Islam sees a woman, whether single or married, as an individual in her own right,..

Women In Islam

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Family In Islam

Why Is The Family So Important To Muslims? The family enjoys a high status in Islam. It is the core of the society, because a healthy family means a healthy society. Hence Allah, the Exalted, commands that parents be treated with gentleness and submissiveness, saying: And your Rubb has..

Family In Islam

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Sawm(fasting in the month of Ramadaan)

4 Sawm(fasting in the month of Ramadaan) Fasting is a practice common to many religious traditions. The Quran alludes to that fact in the verse that prescribed fasting upon the Muslims: “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you,..

Sawm(fasting in the month of Ramadaan)

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3 Zakah(charity) Charity is an act common to all divinely revealed religions. Even people with no religion at all recognize generosity as an admirable quality. The desire to possess is a natural, inborn urge. It is not in itself a bad thing. It is the basis of self-preservation. It leads..


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2 Salah(formal prayer) Prayer is probably the central practice that shapes the daily routine and consciousness of a Muslim. There are two words in Arabic that can be translated as ‘prayer’ in English. The word ‘du'aa’ means supplication; you ask God to fulfill a specific need of..


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shahadatan(declaration of faith)

1 shahadatan(declaration of faith) “I testify there is no god but Allah.” Allah (pronounced: Allaah) is the Arabic word for God. It is the same word used by Jewish and Christian Arabs to refer to God. The most literal meaning of the declaration is not the intended one, as there are..

shahadatan(declaration of faith)

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